Josh Smith

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Brief Bio

I've had an interest in artwork since I can remember. I practiced drawing through my childhood and picked up digital art when I was a teenager. As a young adult I interned at a graphic design company and studied visual communications in college, but didn't finish. I dropped out, partied hard, dabbled in drugs and picked up an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. I haven't been very happy during my twenties but I remain passionate about artwork, whether it's viewing or creating it myself.

Hobbies / Interests

Music, painting, drawing, guitar, videos games, reading, illustration

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Solo Work

Lab II: Cult


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Chapter XLIV: Echoes

One Moment

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Chapter XLIII: Time


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Chapter XXXV: Noir

Right Now

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Chapter XXXI: Freestyle III

Mute City

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Chapter XXXI: Freestyle III