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"Brazilian-born Rubens Lp remembers spending hours as a child drawing comic heroes like Wolverine, Superman, Batman and the X-men with his father.
But even though he stopped drawing for a number of years after that, somehow that passion never left him, and by the time he was in college he was drawing all the time.
Exhibitions of Dali, Picasso Miró and the brazilian artist Aldemir Martins also made a strong impression on him.
One glance at his works show that despite its contemporary outlook, there's a traditional heart beating within.
For Lp, creating artwork is about inspiring people, and true art has a unique kind of beauty. It's never about the money, but it's always about being true to yourself.
Talking to Lp, it's no wonder that his works are so lyrical and free. (...)
Lp also loves to read, and feels he's discovering the world through studying philosophy, socialism and religion.
Perhaps tellingly, he explains: " I don't draw with my mind; I draw with the soul. And everything inspires my soul. Everything""

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