FLUIDS TRADE  © Valentina Brostean
FLUIDS TRADE by Valentina Brostean +

Artist Comments:
This is very raw drawing talking from the technical aspect but i really loved the energy that i captured which is really strong and intuitive - as the chapter says, by its feeling and atmosphere its very primal, instinctive and naked to the bone! I have decided to leave it in this stage without adding any more details and refinements considering that my intention was to keep it raw and avoid the possibility of losing the freshness it has( was thinking about more subtle digital version) ..This is combination of ballpoint and water colors on aquarelle paper and as its title \\\"fluid trade\\\" says my idea was about the exchange between humans, on all levels, physically and mentally.. thoughts, emotions, fluids, trade of souls, trade of feelings, trade of love but also pain...talking about the relations that are always leaving marks and traces, kind of consequences kind of scars..