Depthcore Lab II - Cult

Posted On: Monday, March 03, 2014

Let's start with the obvious. You're looking at a small collection of Depthcore artwork. It's not big enough to be a Chapter, and the pieces seem a little more experimental and a little less like epic, digital, technical orgies. What is this, you ask? Why, it's a Lab.

Depthcore faces the same challenges we'd assume a lot of non-profit experimental digital art collectives face. Our artists are busy people who make art professionally. They enjoy making personal work, but do not enjoy sitting on it for eight months whilst we wait for other busy people to chip in the other 80 or so pieces required to do a Chapter release. This results in no work being made, Chapters being pushed back and terrifying periods of silence and inactivity. This is the kind of problem that leads to art collectives dying. Labs are our solution.

Smaller, nimbler, with no submission count requirement, Labs are something you can expect from us every 4-8 weeks throughout the year. We're still going to try to get one full fledged Chapter happening each year (possibly featuring refined Lab pieces!) but for now our priority is to have fun together and be in touch with our audience more regularly. Obviously this is our second Lab, "Roots" having gone live a couple months back, but I wanted to ensure this would be an ongoing endeavor before I wrote about it at length.

Suffice to say with two Labs out by early March, Labs are here to stay. We're excited about this new platform, and hope you enjoy the work we've shared with you. Thanks for the ongoing love & support - hopefully we as a collective will do a better job earning it this year than we did last.

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