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  Posted by Mike Harrison  \  - @destill   - — on Monday October 22, 2012
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The concept for this piece stemmed simply from the word 'Echo'. I thought of all the connotations of this word and one that stood out to me as having potential was the concept of emptiness and in particular the word 'Hollow'. I based the illustration off this concept, envisioning a being that had no soul, that was 'hollow' inside and that, aware of this emptiness inside, it would endlessly absorb information in an attempt to fill this space.

For this piece I tried a much more organic process, starting off with a really rough pencil sketch and then essentially just painting the entire illustration on one layer, with a few adjustment layers for the final image. I wanted to step away from the relatively laborious process of utilising hundreds of layers, just because I felt it would be a lot more fun to create this way.

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Really rough pencil sketch. I knew I was going to be painting over the whole thing so didnt spend hours and hours on it, just enough to nail down the concept.
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