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  Posted by Justin Maller  \  - @justinmaller   - — on Wednesday August 03, 2011

Depthcore would like to extend a warm welcome to our latest invitee, Pat Perry! With it's intricate linework and increasingly conceptual nature, Pat's work caught the eye of several members, and we were delighted when he accepted our invitation to join.

Researching the man himself proved difficult, as his site is bereft of an info / bio section. Enticing him with the promise of "SUPER FUN" questions, I caught up with him personally today to get a little insight into this latest intriguing addition to the family.

Pat Perry us flag Grand Rapids — United States    - @patperry23    -

Justin Maller: Yo Pat! Super excited to have you aboard mate. Tell the people a little about yourself?

Pat Perry: Well Justin, I'm a pretty young guy who lives in Michigan. I spend most of my days making art like all of you. Besides that, I try to adventure and make mischief as much as possible.

Justin Maller: How does a typical day of mischief and adventure unfold in Michigan?

Pat Perry: Well, I go to the garage and choose whether I want to ride my moped, motorcycle, or bicycle. Once I hop on a two wheeler, I meet up with my gang of goons, and we find something to do. Whether its writing on trains, climbing on top of tall things, or eating burritos, we usually end up having to flee the scene.

Justin Maller: I'm jealous. I wish I had a gang of goons. When not scaling forbidden heights, I assume you spend a bit of time drawing - I love the stuff you make. Give us a little insight into your creative process?

Pat Perry: I keep a sketchbook that is filled with scribbles and written ideas as well. I usually use that as a start to what I am going to work on. The ideas turn into a sketch, which then turns into either a drawing or painting.

Justin Maller: Digital doesn't factor in much?

Pat Perry: I don't usually do much digitally, especially lately. Often for illustration projects, I use the computer for digital color though. Most of my "fine art" is all done off the computer.

Justin Maller: I've seen those great moleskine doodles of yours - the book itself aside, any tools you find indispensable? A favourite pencil? Enchanted charcoal?

Pat Perry: Ahhh, charcoal is a no go for me! I am pretty hooked on ballpoint pen, especially when it comes to the sketchbook.

Justin Maller: I've trawled pretty extensively through your site; I love the evolution your work has undergone from having a "line art" focus to your more painterly productions lately. Was it a tough transition? Anything in particular inspire it?

Pat Perry: I was really young when I made my website, and have been continuously trying to push my craft through the past few years. I try to stay open to evolution. Transitioning and learning is always hard, because every piece is outside my comfort zone.

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Justin Maller: Where do you see it taking you next?

Pat Perry: For my next show, I'll be doing a bunch of oil paintings, and several drawings/mixed media pieces as well. I have a loose plan to also have the next body of work to make sense in the form of a book that kind of takes you on a visual journey as well.

Justin Maller: I think your work lends itself really well to that kind of narrative; I know I'd definitely go out and buy it. Have you branched in to the commercial world as well, or are you focussed on growing in the art / gallery sphere?

Pat Perry: Both! I am most interested in working on "fine art" endeavors that give me the freedom to push my own concepts. But I enjoy working on commercial illustration projects as well, most of the ones I have had so far have been so much fun.

Justin Maller: What has been the most enjoyable / challenging so far in your career?

Pat Perry: The biggest challenge is the same as going running, getting up and doing it. Maintaining focus is tough with so many distractions, emails, cat videos, etc. Client projects usually go pretty smoothly, and I have had a good workflow coming in. Bad communication from a client has been the toughest thing to deal with thus far.

I really can't choose on what's been most enjoyable. I just finished some artist series shirts with Reef that were a ton of fun to create.

Justin Maller: Cool man, well thanks very much for your time this morning, I'll let you get back to living the Wednesday Dream - what you got on for the rest of today?

Pat Perry: Right now I'm headed to a friends to paint the side of his RV. This is it right now; I told him I work for pizza.

Justin Maller: Sounds like your mate is getting a good deal! Thanks again for the chat, and welcome to DC!

Pat Perry: No problem. Thanks again for the invite. I'll talk to you soon. The RV calls!


Enjoy this selection of Pat's work, and be sure to check out his folio and blog!

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