Watercolour Brush Textures by Finnian

  Posted by Finnian MacManus  \  - @fmacmanus   - — on Monday August 08, 2011

These are some hand made watercolors produced on mylar, created with Photoshop use in mind; specifically, they can be adapted to be used as brushes, or used directly as texture materials.

Mylar is a plastic material, and while it is a bit more difficult to use than watercolor paper, it definitely gives an edge to any medium and stands out as 'different'. In the past, mylar has been a very popular material; but more so for a 'layering' technique because of its low opacity. It's also been used for paintings and drawings, but rarely watercolors– and very rarely are such images published online.

While watercolors are all around online these days, it's hard to find a stock that is high quality and hasn't been overused. When I was looking for some new watercolors online I became a bit annoyed, and decided I would create a batch for personal use. I am sure people can play around with these; don't be afraid to experiment and clip out certain portions, to use adjustments and so on! These days a designer needs every resource available– so whether you're looking for some nice colors to set on soft light or a hi-res texture to multiply, I hope these help!

Download Watercolor Textures Free!

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