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  Posted by Richards Roberts  \  - @Richardbroberts   - — on Monday June 27, 2011

The Reaper - is a piece I crafted for the most recent depthcore release “Obsolete” Interpretation of the term by all members differs from artist to artist, as is clearly demonstrated by the massive variety of submissions for the chapter. In regards to my submission I decided to stick to my roots and stay with surreal imagery which is a trait that can be seen across most of my work.

The concept of the piece is one I played with for quite awhile. I knew I wanted a woman or man in a sitting posture staring death, darkness, destruction and evil directly in the face. Deciding what that evil form should represent was the tricky part. I experimented with it for a few days until I created something I was satisfied with.

Originally I was toying around with a black cobra but decided it wasn't what I was going for as it wasn't surreal enough for me. While brainstorming I thought of the “Death Eaters” in Harry potter and how they are engulfed in a black smoke and move swiftly down from the sky. This gave me the idea of a black liquid type form coming down from the sky transforming into what you most fear. For the piece I chose a dragon for this particular woman's worst fear.

While I successfully completed the evil aspect of my piece I felt a hope aspect was much need. This lead to incorporating a falcon. In Native American culture the falcon represents a neutral born leader and always can be looked upon in dire situations. It represents the hope and savior of humankind from the dark forces. The contrast between the light on the right side and the dark on the left is a representation of the two forces.

Ultimately the piece is a story about how humankind is Obsolete to the many forces that lurk our universe, but no matter how great the darkness there is always hope for man.

"The Reaper" - Richard Roberts - Timelapse from The Depthcore Collective on Vimeo.

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