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David created this wonderful piece as part of our most recent Chapter "OBSOLETE". After being kind enough to workshop it in front of the audience at OFFF in Spain this year, we asked him to send his process over so we could share it with those who missed the presentation.

Justin Maller: Hey David! I feel like I know this piece intimately now - for those who weren't at OFFF, can you explain the idea behind it?

David Mascha: Its inspired by the theme of the latest chapter obsolete, the machines have come, mankind is obsolete. So its basically an abstract dark vision of the future, where machines have taken over the world and are using humans as a source to create energy. Thats also how i came up with the title 'Power Plant'.

Justin Maller: The timelapse you showed gave us an awesome look in to your method; how did this piece come to be? Anything unusual or different about it?

David Mascha: I've recoded a lot more than what can be seen in the final timelapse but it was really interesting to see my actual working process reduced to a minute and how this piece came together. A lot of elements were created like a modular system, duplicating single elements to create new shapes. It's fun way to create these pieces and i will definitely try to develop this style.

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Images of old german steam machines as inspiration. For example, i used the screws and bolts as a reference.
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