Depthcore X - Symphony

Posted On: Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Like the phoenix from the ashes, Depthcore has arisen again... A brand new pack on a brand new server, these are exciting times for Depthcore. We are all very proud and very impatient to bring you our latest pack, Symphony, featuring fresh art from the dC veterans, as well as a couple of new faces. We would like to welcome John Segerhammer, aka Shri to the family, as he releases two very impressive new works with this pack. We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to transic and nvode for joining the Depthcore family. Many great and excellent things are in store for the future! The music section pounds on, with Crunch and Andvik busting out some very nice new tracks to provide a slick soundscape to the visuals of this release, with long-serving and multi talented Niteangel selected to be the Featured Artist. We would like to thank for generously hosting us these past 7 months, and extend our gratitutde to for providing the group with something we have needed for a very long time - our very own dedicated server. Thanks boys, you know you rock! Enjoy the release everyone, and stay tuned for our next pack in the new year! Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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