Depthcore XII - Evolution

Posted On: Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Break out the bubbly, hang the streamers and pass out the party prescriptions, because Depthcore is celebrating it's 2nd birthday! To coincide we are releasing one of the largest packs ever, featuring more than 90 of the finest abstract artworks, designs, photographs, animations and music tracks. Appropriately, the Pack theme is Evolution, as we attempt to illustrate our artistic growth over time. Normally, our news articles are devoted to me trying to invent new superlatives to describe our latest release. This time, I need to take the oppourtunity to thank people who need to be thanked, and say things that need to be heard. One thing Depthcore has always stood for is the promotion of advancement and innovation within the abstract movement. We have always strived not only for excellence, but for originality. As participants in a movement so oversaturated with imitation and mediocrity, I and the members of this artgroup have always done our utmost to be different, accepting and recruiting members who shared our vision. We scoured the community for designers and artists who shared our passion and desire to take the abstract movement and hurl it forwards, past the mundanity of public spotlight and restore it to it's rightful place as the most free and expressive genre of art in existance. It has been a goal of the group from day one to help artists realise their true potential, instead of languishing in the unspired, stagnant realm of pop-abstract. This was mis-interpreted by a lot of people as a form of elitism. depthCORE is not an elitist society. We are a collective of artists with a common goal, a goal that can only be realised as a group by having a lateral, vibrant outlook that many designers simply don't possess. This focus has enabled us to stay fresh and vibrant, and is a crucial factor to our success. Truly, it is the artists who make depthCORE great. From people who have been there from the very first pack, to people who are releasing their first pieces with Evolution, each individual contributes to our group's overall success. As such, I need to thank everyone who has ever released an artwork with depthCORE> From the bottom of my heart I need to thank you all for taking the time to create and release art with us. You are the flesh and bones of this group, and without you, there is no us, and I love you all dearly. I have been blessed to have somehow attracted possibly the greatest staff administration of all time. The members are the flesh, but our staff are the heart and brain of the beast. I will never forget Kevin staying up for 48 straight hours coding and releasing our first designs, nor Brian brainstorming and single-handedly forcing out version 3, nor Dagan and Tony Graf for their dedication in graphically enhancing our public face - these are selfless acts that I cannot thank you all for enough. You are all true inspirations to me, and your professionalism and friendships are things that I treasure. Thanks must also go to Doug from Melonn, and Chris and Jark from deviantART for providing us with hosting and support. Your contributions will be remembered in my will! Lastly, I want to thank the hundreds of thousands of people who visit and support depthCORE. As you all know, depthCORE is a non-profit site, sporting no advertisement and offering no pop-ups. This site is run and maintained on pure love, and it's the love we get back from you all that helps us to grow. Thanks for your patronage, I hope it continues for another two years. I remember when I first started this artgroup, a lot of people figured that it wouldn't last. We were given 4 months at an absolute tops, written off without a chance. Two full years and 12 releases later, we are still standing. That is something to be proud of. It is something to celebrate. Enjoy our 12th pack. Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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