Depthcore XXV - Freestyle II

Posted On: Friday, May 12, 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The artists of Depthcore would like to present to you some of our most finely-crafted work to date. We have worked tirelessly for months on end to bring to you the tub-thumping, line-dancing, hobbit-hunting excellence that is FREESTYLE II.

In a revisitation of one of our most popular and successful packs, the creative ladies and gentlemen of the Depthcore collective have banded together to create a sublime audio visual experience to tantalize your senses.

We welcome aboard several new members, including Nadia Huggins (NSH), Matei Apostolescu (beaucoupzero), Can Usta (canusta), Ehren Mikeal Kallman (ata), and Erica Herbert (ellika), and celebrate the return of some of our founding members - Richard Base (pixelcatalyst) and Alex van Daalen (pseudopod) - as we strive to further the little niche cave we call abstract art and design.

The artists of Depthcore hope you enjoy this latest installment of their work, and urge you to keep your eyes open in the next couple weeks for a little easter egg surprise!

Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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