Depthcore VII - Re-Birth

Posted On: Saturday, August 23, 2003
Abstract art group Depthcore today releases it's highly anticipated 7th pack entitled 'REBIRTH', featuring 40 brand new artworks, song and skins for your visual and aural pleasure! We're almost as puzzled as you are. A Depthcore artpack released only one week after the deadline? Amazing! This pack is one of our best yet (it sure has the coolest splash ever!), and we release it with great happiness and pride. It features brand new art from new members Darulian, Rg-Fn and Getcarter, as well as pieces from all of your favourites abstracters, including Aerosole, Alphakx, Webdiod, Pixelcatalyst and many more. This release, we feature the wicked tunes and thumping beats of our resident musician Crunch, and endeavour to get inside the head of this talented musician to find out what makes him tick! It all awaits your viewing, so head on over and check it all out, and stay tuned for our special 1st Birthday release on the 15th of June! Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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