Depthcore VIII - Fantasy

Posted On: Saturday, August 23, 2003
Depthcore celebrates its First Birthday with 'FANTASY'

Depthcore turns one year old today, and to celebrate, we are releasing our eigth pack, 'FANTASY'. By far our finest pack to date, FANTASY features 25+ high calibre abstract pieces from some of the greatest abstract artists, as well as thumping tunes from the raging beasts at DCMusic!

As I am sure you will agree after viewing it, FANTASY is by far the highest quality pack depthCORE has released to date. Each and every piece in the pack represents the best work our wonderful artists are capable of, and the combined result is breath taking. FANTASY guest features awesome art from Cubadust, as well as showcasing beautiful creations from our regular contributors, including Modernstyle, Pseudopod, Webdiod and, of course, the awesome soundscape from Crunch, Andvik et al.

One year on, and going harder and stronger than ever, everyone at depthCORE is thrilled to share FANTASY with you. We hope you enjoy viewing the pack as much as we all did creating it. On behalf of the guys, I want to thank everyone who has supported dC over the past year, the artists, musicians, skinners, guests, forum trolls, spammers, well wishers, haters and fans - without everything you have given, we wouldn't still be kicking. Of course, a big thanks to Chris Bolt and the rest of the deviantART team for their generous support - we definitely wouldn't be here without them!

Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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