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Chapter XIV: Verve

  Posted by Bart van Leeuwen  \  - — on October 07, 2004
Bart van Leeuwen
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Bart van Leeuwen

Ey everyone, I'm fake. My real name is Bart van Leeuwen, fake is just a reflection of your own personality. I started using this name a year ago when I began making 3D abstract without using any 3D programs, so its all fake. I like to do things different and live in the centre of Amsterdam.


As for doing things different, I didn't have any education regarding to design. I did do graphic school but a direction far off from design. I started messing around with Photoshop about 7 years ago when I served as an intern at a big prepress company. I didn't use any books or whatever, just started messing with it. After my intern period I got job at another big prepress company where I continued what I was doing as an intern. I did not really focus on design back then, I was only interested in the possibility's of Photoshop for things like photo manipulation. About 3 years ago I really started focusing on design when seeing works at digital vision, depthcore and other places(not as intense as the last year trying to get in DepthCORE as one goal to reach). Artist that really do it for me are Mike Young, Jurgen van Zachten and Bas Wijers from the Amsterdam based design studio riff-raff (doesn't exist any more but works can be found at, Andreas Lindholm and Anders F. R"nnblom from the much acclaimed metalheart book ( and definitely not to forget the guy from For my work I mainly use Photoshop and illustrator.

Design for me is like bling bling for girls, I can't live without. Image is everything and so is design. I get inspired 24-7 by everything I see, hear and do. I really get excited seeing those MTV commercial nowadays and I'm also very interested in design clothes like Dolce & Gabbana (yes, I like to shop). As I said image is everything, just like design, always trying new things and be one step ahead all the time... creating my own superstyle. Also music is a big part of my life, I listen music continuously everyday and night, it depends on my mood and location what is on. From Paul Oakenfold to 80's crap, can be anything, right now its the early 90's house scene that got my attention. I mostly listen to radio because I like the element of surprise. Besides music I love the other crap everybody else likes, going out and get drunk, smoke some shit etc...

In the near future I really want to get into motion and with that I mean the shizzle you can see at MTV everyday...

You wanna know the funny part of this story...

...Its all fake!

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