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Chapter XII: Evolution

  Posted by Bharani Kumar  \  - — on June 09, 2004
Bharani Kumar
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Hi there people, My name is Bharani Kumar, and I'm from Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia. People know me as "silvatrez" in design world. I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor's of Information Technology & working as a part time graphic designer.

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My interest in digital art starts when my best buddy Vinoth a.k.a nefariax introduced Deviantart to me a year ago. Since then I spend most of my free time in Photoshop7 & Bryce5 and I managed to study many art techniques. I found myself increasingly attracted to the bizarre, technical, science fiction and abstract arts. I also found that abstract art is difficult. It is difficult in the sense that it requires artistic discipline, knowledge and a certain amount of expertise in expressing your emotion, usually acquired through training in more formal aspects of art.

It is very hard for me to describe my art in words. For me, it is a very primal experience. I can begin with random shapes or renders, then apply effect after effect to them until the result pleases me, or undo my last six effects and start all over. It is an artists fantasy, a never-ending playground.


Digital abstract art suits me well because the relationships of the design, colors & composition in the final image have always fascinated me far more than their resemblance to anything that exists in nature. In the end, my art is to me an unclassifiable process. All I know is that it gives me a great sense of fulfillment, and probably keeps me alive.

I always tries my level best to evoke the imagination and feelings of the viewer to bring their own perspective to the art that they see. This is because if you were to stand right in front of the abstract art all you would see is is some meaningless brushing or render but, if you stand back just a little, you will begin to see things. Each time you will see something new. Some abstract arts can even be viewed from various perspectives, and you will always see something different.

I create art with emotion, so the canvas reflects what i feel rather than what i see. I do not ask you to see things through my eyes, but rather through our own. Let your eyes see what your heart and mind encourage you to see. I feels by committing myself to art & design, brings me a little peace and happiness for my lonely soul.

I enjoyed the silent meditative space I found through designing and other exploratory endeavors. With time, I began to rebel against figurative representations.


I began experimenting with free expression, explosions of color, construction and destruction. I began to see parallels between experience, belief and reality..

I would like to thank Depthcore for selecting me as the featured artist of this pack and thanks for all the support.

-Bharani Kumar

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