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Depthcore's Creative Director Justin Maller hosts a live weekly broadcast, Mondays at 8PM GMT. The show covers a broad range of topics, including News & Updates from the Collective and her Artists, Upcoming Events, Live Interviews with members and general Q&A fielded from Twitter and Facebook followers.


Depthcore Sessions 4, Live in Brooklyn

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Brian Smith joins Justin Maller in Brooklyn to discuss the exhibition, future plans and past shenanigans.

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Previous Shows

Broadcast Name Broadcast Date Hosted By
Depthcore Sessions 3, Live in Brooklyn
Justin Maller hosts the third installment of "Depthcore Sessions", discussing the latest happenings from the Collective including one huge surprise announcement, and will take live Q&A from Twitter and Facebook followers.
July 12, 2007 Justin Maller
Depthcore Sessions 2, Live in Brooklyn
Justin Maller hosts the return of "Depthcore Sessions", discussing the new chapter, the site overhaul process, news and updates from Depthcore artists, and live Q&A from Twitter and Facebook followers.
June 28, 2011 Justin Maller
Depthcore Sessions 1, Live in Barcelona
Justin Maller and Karan Singh sit down with "OBSOLETE" featured artist Niklas Lundberg in Barcelona to discuss his phenomenal series of work, general creative process, and life in one of the darkest places on earth.
June 09, 2011 Justin Maller