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posted: Nov 16, 2011

Kervin Brisseaux for Typcut

New cut up from NYC artist Kervin Brisseaux!

posted: Sep 23, 2011

013A for Typcut!

Matei drops his debut illustration for the Typcut project!

posted: Aug 31, 2011

Karan Singh for Typcut

Recent addition to Typcut Karan Singh has uploaded three new pieces in quick succession!

posted: Aug 26, 2011

Erik Finsrud for Typcut

Erik's fresh new cut "Moist Mind" is up on Typcut!

posted: Aug 12, 2011

Brisseaux for Typcut

Kervin has created the first image in a Japanese influenced "Superhero" type series for Typcut.

posted: Jul 27, 2011

Nate Coonrod for Typcut

New cut from NY artist Nate Coonrod for Typcut is up!

posted: Jul 20, 2011

Justin Maller & Karl Kwasny for Typcut

Karl Kwasny & Justin Maller combine their hand drawn illustration and 3D text treatments in a new cut

posted: Jul 11, 2011

Emeric Trahand for Typcut

Depthcore member Emeric Trahand releases a beautiful new floral themed typography based illustration through Typcut.

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