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posted: Aug 25, 2011

Alex Trochut

I was lucky enough to attend Alex Trochut's presentation earlier this year at the international art and design conference, OFFF, in his home town of Barcelona. His address didn't disappoint...

posted: Jun 30, 2011

Matt W. Moore

My most vivid memory of meeting Matt W. Moore (aka MWM) in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month is a text message he sent as I was heading to our rendezvous point, just before we met. He'd beaten me to the bar where we were to meet...

posted: Jun 29, 2011

Ravi Vasavan

Online art communities have played the role of tutor in moulding my influences and aspirations. Along the proverbial road my knowledge of the online creative sphere increased, and, through these travels, the name Ravi Vasavan rang out...

posted: Jun 24, 2011

Justin Maller

Justin Maller sits opposite me at a table in a Melbourne inner city bar, we each nurse an overpriced beer whilst taking it in turns to catch each other up on the goings on over the year that has passed since we last met.

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