Depthcore XIII - Infinity

Posted On: Thursday, July 29, 2004
From it's inception, the INFINITY pack has been about putting up, then shutting up. As such, I'm not going to rack my brains thinking of superlatives to describe the pack like I usually do - this time I'm going to let the art talk for itself.

I'd like to welcome several new artists to the group, including xero-mx, rucish, adesignprimitive, dioxic and caust1c. New blood is what keeps depthCORE fresh, and we are damned happy about having these guys on board.

The aim of INFINITY was to once again push the borders of abstract. This pack features not only art and design, but music, photography and animation. Expect a lot more of everything, because our tradition of embracing the unique will not cease.

I'd like to take this opportunity to issue an invitation to all abstract animators and photographers who are interested in releasing with depthCORE to apply, as we are actively recruiting in both those departments and the music department.

That's it for words this time round.

Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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