Depthcore XXXIX - Eve

Posted On: Sunday, February 14, 2010
The Depthcore Collective is proud to releases it's 39th themed chapter exhibition, 'EVE'.

In this Chapter, artists both old and new have submitted their interpretations of a concept that greatly excited us as a collective from the moment it was first suggested. Our members have created over eighty original pieces, including strong showings across all mediums, examining and interpreting the theme to produce work that deals predominately with time and transition; calms before storms, moments before change, instants before impact.

Whilst there are many highlights to the chapter, there are a couple of items of especial note. 'EVE' has seen multiple wonderful debuts, including incredible submissions from Larisa Glushakova, Duda Lanna, Alex Casteels and photographer Chris Knight. Rik Oostenbrook compiled an outstanding collection of work, dropping jaws in our member panel and earning him the Featured Artist nod for this Chapter.

Finally, Kervin Brisseaux has submitted an emotive series of photographs shot in his ancestral homeland of Haiti just days before the earthquakes hit entitled "Avan Move Tan" [ah-vuh moh-vay tuh], which is Creole for "Before The Bad Times". The shots illustrate moments in every day Haitian life, with a people already engaged in a life of struggle, unaware of the eventual fate that will be brought to their doorstep, only to intensify their hardships.

On this note, we were thrilled to auction off one of our limited edition promotional books to raise money to assist those in need in the effected area. We managed to raise over $200.00 to donate to the Red Cross Haitian Relief effort. Please consider donating if you haven't already.

We hope you enjoy browsing this Chapter. The result is the culmination of our collective feeding off each other's energy to create a body of work that has truly energized and excited us as a group. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay abreast of several projects we have in development at the moment - we are on the cusp of a couple of very exciting developments finally coming to fruition!

Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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