Depthcore IX - Technica

Posted On: Sunday, August 24, 2003
Rejoice, for Depthcore hath revamped and released again! The sites fourth and definitive version, containing the most advanced code, layout and options thus far seen, has been released to coincide with the groups greatest pack to date: TECHNICA. The elves who work in the secret Depthcore dungeon have been extraordinarily busy, risking life, limb, their jobs and their sanity to produce this site and this pack for your viewing pleasure. The changes they have wrought should be immediately noticeable. Viewers and fans can now join the site, enabling access to the recoded forums, shoutbox, various commenting areas and a personal settings page. The big deal about this? Depthcore is now skinnable, and viewers can now select from 4 different and unique layouts, including two new versions, and the classic previous skins! Depthcore has also invested in a small dedicated host in order to bring dCRadio live to your ears! Featuring live producing sets from our very own dCMusic artists, mix sessions with various member DJ's and even the occasional 'stand up' comedy session from our funny members, dCRadio is a small, yet fun part of the changes v4 has brought. Nearly 8 weeks in the making, TECHNICA has been launched. I'm proud to say it was delayed almost two weeks - we here at dC don't believe in releasing on time, and quite frankly the one time we did scared us all. TECHNICA features 30+ brand new artworks from our dedicated members, and 10+ songs from our wicked producers, not to mention a small, yet solid contribution from our small, yet solid skin division. Focussing on the technical side of abstract and design, I firmly believe TECHNICA to be our strongest and most diverse release to date, and so it is fitting that we feature the work of newcomer shockreflex, a very talented addition to the dC lineup. At this point, I'd like to extend some warm welcomes, and some fond farewells to new and departing members. Firstly, everyone at dC would like to welcome Kevin Stacey and Dagan Dewar back into the fold! They were missed in their absence, and their hard coding work (particularly Kevin) was absolutely indispensable in producing version 4. A big Depthcore welcome to new members nvode, ShockReflex, and the grand maestro himself SevenFlow who all present fantastic new visual work. It causes me great sadness to farewell the legendary t-k brothers, as they take their leave to pursue their studies and other design interests. Big thanks to all dC staff, especially Brian Smith and Kevin Stacey for the fantastic work on v4 and Tony Graf and Vincent Lai for their coding and splash contributions. Stay tuned for our 10th release, due out in October - it's going to be a beast! For now, check out our best ever pack - TECHNICA. Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

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